New England - Move Forward Quickly, Easily, and Responsibly, with AI

Past Event for Business Leaders

June 10, 2024 
Microsoft Event Space
5 Wayside Rd, Burlington, MA 01803

Missed the event? We can customize a Responsible AI workshop for your team.


Join us for training on Responsible AI (RAI)

Join us for an enlightening journey towards Ethical and Responsible AI at our upcoming event! Explore thought-provoking discussions, insightful panels, and actionable strategies led by experts in the field. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the world of AI, this event offers invaluable insights and practical solutions to navigate the ethical complexities of artificial intelligence. Don't miss your chance to be part of this transformative conversation!

Target Audience: This will be a great event for C-Suite executives, as well as leaders in risk management, privacy, and data governance.

Full Agenda Below!

Join us for a day dedicated to Responsible AI innovation! Network over coffee at 10:00 am, then delve into ethical AI principles, practical implementation strategies, and discussions on driving business value with AI. Wrap up with insights, resources, and networking opportunities at our happy hour starting at 3:00 pm.


Event Agenda

New England RAI Event Full Agenda

10:00am - Coffee & Pastries / Networking (30 min)

Details: Participants arrive, register, and get their name badges. The session serves as an informal meet and greet. Attendees can enjoy coffee and pastries while mingling with peers, Infused Innovations staff, and industry experts.

10:30am - Opening Remarks (10 mins)


Details: During the opening remarks, we'll introduce the speakers and underscore the significance of Responsible AI in shaping robust business strategies, emphasizing its pivotal role in fostering ethical decision-making and driving sustainable growth.

10:40am - Responsible AI Training (50 mins)


Details: This interactive training session will delve into the ethical considerations of AI, covering topics like bias, transparency, and accountability. The session will encourage group discussions and include case studies and/or real-life scenarios to illustrate the importance of ethics in AI development and deployment.


11:30am - Driving Business Value with AI (45 mins)


Details: This session will focus on how AI can transform organizations by improving efficiency, innovation, and decision-making while maintaining or strengthening ethical standards. It will highlight case studies where AI has added significant value and discuss how to measure the impact of AI initiatives.

12:15pm - Food / Networking Break (45-60 mins)

Details: Attendees can enjoy lunch while networking. This is an opportunity to discuss morning sessions and AI topics in a casual setting.


1:15pm - Implementing Responsible AI (45 mins)


Details: This session will provide practical strategies and tools that attendees can use to promote and implement Responsible AI practices within their organizations. It will showcase Infused Innovations' approach to embedding ethical considerations into AI projects, with examples of tools and frameworks used in the process.


2:00pm - Strategic Thinking about AI (30 mins)


Details: Attendees will engage in a conversation about how to think strategically when integrating AI into their business strategy. This session will include discussions on long-term planning, AI-related risk management, and ensuring alignment with company values and goals.


2:30pm - Closing Remarks (30 mins)


Details: The conference will wrap up with guidance on how to begin or continue the journey toward Responsible AI. This will include advice on choosing the right partners, resources for further learning, and an invitation for attendees to stay connected with Infused Innovations for support and collaboration.


3:00pm - Happy Hour / Networking

Details: The conference concludes with a happy hour where attendees can unwind, continue conversations, and network with peers in a more relaxed environment.

Featured Speakers Coming Soon!

More details coming soon!

Meet the Speakers

Jeff Wilhelm-1

Jeff Wilhelm, CEO

Infused Innovations

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Jeffrey Wilhelm, Founder and CEO of Infused Innovations, brings 25 years of corporate and consulting experience, specializing in cloud, security, and data. He's a community leader, serving on multiple boards and mentoring student entrepreneurs. Jeffrey's commitment to innovation has earned Infused Innovations prestigious awards and recognition, including four consecutive Inc 5000 awards and a Microsoft US Partner Award in 2021.


Phil Mags

Phil Magnuszewski, CINO

Infused Innovations

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Phil Magnuszewski, Chief Innovation Officer at Infused Innovations, pioneers transformative tech like generative AI. With over 25 years in tech, he dismantles outdated models and fosters creativity. Phil's also active in the New England tech scene, mentoring startups and speaking on generative AI. His bold approach and unorthodox strategies drive revolutionary advancements in technology.

Dawn Fitzgerald

Dawn Fitzgerald, CTO


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Dawn Fitzgerald, CTO of SharkNinja, is an expert in SaaS, cloud computing, and AI/ML. Her leadership drives innovation and operational excellence, spanning industries from medical devices to consumer electronics. She's dedicated to leveraging tech for business growth. Dawn's strategic focus on product development and enterprise program launch has propelled her forward in the technology domain, particularly in digital transformation, AI, IoT, and machine learning.

Ashish Bhatia

Ashish Bhatia, AI Product Manager


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Ashish Bhatia, Product Manager at Microsoft, specializes in AI/ML Product Management. With over 20 years of experience, he focuses on making advanced tech accessible, particularly through no-code AI solutions. He's passionate about empowering citizen developers and is an archery coach outside of work. Ashish's dedication to driving strategic initiatives and launching innovative products reflects his commitment to advancing technology for the benefit of all.

Paul Baier-min

Paul Baier, CEO

GAI Insights

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Paul Baier, CEO of GAI Insights, is a seasoned software entrepreneur with a focus on enterprise AI. With two decades of experience and multiple exits, he's recognized for his expertise, including co-authoring articles featured in Harvard Business Review. His leadership and insights into the AI landscape position him as a thought leader in the industry.

Why This Event is For YOU!

This event is tailored for C-Suite executives, risk, privacy, and data leaders seeking to harness the transformative power of AI while upholding ethical standards. Walk away with practical strategies for implementing Responsible AI, insights on long-term planning and risk management, and connections with industry experts and like-minded peers. Join us to explore how AI can drive organizational efficiency, innovation, and decision-making, with a focus on maintaining ethical standards and adding significant value to your business.


Key Principles of Responsible AI


Fairness in AI means ensuring that AI systems do not create or reinforce unfair biases against certain groups or individuals.

Reliability and Safety

Reliability refers to the consistent performance of the AI system, while safety means that the system does not cause harm to users.

Privacy and Security

AI systems must protect the privacy of individuals and secure against unauthorized access to personal data.


Inclusiveness in AI means creating systems that understand and address the diverse needs of different individuals and groups.


Transparency in AI involves making the workings of an AI system clear and understandable to users, and ensuring that decisions can be explained.


Accountability means that there are mechanisms in place to hold the creators and operators of AI systems responsible for their performance and impact.

At Infused Innovations our commitment to innovation extends beyond the digital workplace into the realms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), particularly in areas that significantly impact our planet. We have been practicing Responsible AI since 2019. In 2023, our pioneering work in leveraging AI/ML for ocean health was spotlighted in a Microsoft Customer Story. Learn More about us.