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Grow your business with Responsible AI

AI is here to stay - bringing limitless potential to push us forward as a society. Used wisely, it can create huge benefits for businesses, governments, and individuals worldwide.

Discover IKHANA

Use our tool IKHANA and see for yourself how our answer engine can give you easy insights into Microsoft and technology questions.

IKHANA can make mistakes. Please be sure to check important information.

IKHANA is a powerful answer engine that draws data from sources you choose, such as internal documents, websites, structured data, and more. Whether you need an internal tool for your team and staff, or an interactive feature for your customers and prospects, IKHANA can be adapted and customized for your organization's specific needs.

Your Partner in Responsible AI

The Infused Innovations Unique Value Proposition


AI/ML Delivery

Expertise building solutions leveraging AI/ML across verticals to solve clients' problems

Data Expertise

20+ years of experience working with clients' controlled and regulated data to enable source(s) of truth

Cloud Architecture

Cloud architecture and engineering experience to ensure solutions are built to be easily supported and scale

GRCS Foundation

Governance, Regulatory Compliance, and Cybersecurity are core to scalable success and designed against Responsible AI frameworks


Fairness in AI means ensuring that AI systems do not create or reinforce unfair biases against certain groups or individuals.

Reliability and Safety

Reliability refers to the consistent performance of the AI system, while safety means that the system does not cause harm to users.

Privacy and Security

AI systems must protect the privacy of individuals and secure against unauthorized access to personal data.


Inclusiveness in AI means creating systems that understand and address the diverse needs of different individuals and groups.


Transparency in AI involves making the workings of an AI system clear and understandable to users, and ensuring that decisions can be explained.


Accountability means that there are mechanisms in place to hold the creators and operators of AI systems responsible for their performance and impact.

Is your company using AI?

Most US Companies are benefiting from Artificial Intelligence today. 


46% of US companies have saved between $25k - $70k by using ChatGPT.

Statista, 2023


73% of US companies use AI in some aspect of their business.

PwC, 2023


On average, US companies see a 6-10% revenue increase from adopting AI.

Statista, 2023

A suite of offerings at your disposal

Transform knowledge work to drive value and ROI through INNOVATION and AI.

Generative AI Workshops

Leverage the advanced features of Azure OpenAI to revolutionize your operations and provide a results-driven Proof of Concept.

Proof of Value Workshops

We collaboratively determine business needs. Then rapidly assess and validate value. We finish by generating a proof-of-concept which quickly shows ROI to business.

Strategic Innovation Advisory

We partner with your leadership team to identify an AI Strategic Roadmap that is catered to both your industry and your business. Including moonshots.

AI Executive Briefings

We provide 2 working sessions with your leadership team to educate them on AI, Responsible and Ethical AI practices, and your industry specific trends.

AI Center of Excellence

We help overcome challenges and set a path to repeated AI success. Our team of experts analyzes your existing practices across the entire data and AI lifecycle, identifies key opportunities for improvement and lays out a step-by-step roadmap to apply best practices to your teams and programs and accelerate your AI success.

Moonshot Ideation Workshop

The importance of moonshots lies in their potential to create significant positive change in your business. By pursuing moonshots, organizations and individuals can drive innovation, create new technologies & industries, and tackle the world's most pressing problems.

Security Assessment for AI

Already have AI in place but worried about your cybersecurity? Or about to begin and want to ensure AI is setup securely? Our team will provide an assessment, give recommendations, and then implement updates for your team.

Art of Possible AI Workshop

Our team will collaborate with your leadership team to understand the current state of your organization, work to understand your objectives, and help define what transformation looks like for you. We will craft a narrative, provide a roadmap, articulate the benefits, and drive transparency as leadership discusses the importance of this transformation in your business.

Why Infused Innovations stands out

Responsible & Ethical AI Across the Entire Practice

Result-Driven aligned with Your Business Strategy

Cybersecurity is Addressed at Beginning Not an Afterthought!

Real Customers with Real AI / ML Projects

New industry-aligned solutions are being developed and delivered every day.  While data input quality ultimately drives the efficacy of any model, the only limit to what is possible is your imagination…


Bathymetric Assessment for Seafloor Health

Interpreting sediment imagery to assess attributes critical to decisioning across offshore energy, fisheries, telco, and other
critical use cases, with ~95% accuracy.

Modern Proteomics to Improve Health Outcomes

Advanced statistical and AI techniques to bridge the gap between today’s world of massive proteomic datasets and real-world practice, driving health event prediction and improving health outcomes.

Safety Automated Narrative Generation in Manufacturing

~90% touch-time savings for 250,000 cases of inventory a year.

Reducing Student Attrition in Higher Education

Providing students with real-time mobile and web-based access to a natural language bot, helping them locate campus resources, to reduce the ~25% student attrition rate.

Insurance Pre-Authorization in Healthcare

Effectively create pre-authorization letters with optimal approval rates for patient insurance claims, targeting more than~70% time-savings.

Text Summarization and Synthesis for Marketing Content

Reduction inhuman-hours that goes into enhancing search engine metadata on a monthly basis, as the AI generated outputs can serve as a starting point.


Our Blueprint for Your Success


Dive deep into your estate. Identify your key opportunities and map your path to analytics success.


Identify actionable opportunities and challenges in your organization with high ROI and draft next steps.


Start fast with a focused team of experts to dispel doubt and prove value with rapid prototypes.


Lay the foundation of repeatable business value with minimal viable products and flexible platforms. 


Safeguard success and 
mitigate risk with mature ops, compliance, governance and management.


Let's Collaborate

Discover how you can grow your business with responsible AI.